Rules and Regulation of the college

» Students shall abide by all the rules of decorum and orderly behavior that may be laid down by the college authorities from time to time.

»Students found guilty of breakage or removal of items of College property shall not have to make good the loss but also liable to disciplinary action.

»Any Student found guilty of misconduct, disobedience, and constantly neglecting studies shall liable to fine. Suspension, rustication or expulsion by the College authorities.

a. Application for any kind of leave by the Student shall be duly countersigned by the parents / guardian of the Student Concerned

b. It is absolutely essential for a student to attend 75% of the lectures delivered. If a Student fails to attend the requisite 75% of lectures delivered his form will not be sent for examination.

» All students must possess at least two aprons which will be worn in the College and Hospital Premises throughout the course of their studies.

» All the dues must be cleared in time. No student shall be allowed to appear in any examination conducted by the College or the university unless he / she has cleared the same.

» A Student whose work or conduct is unsatisfactory in opinion of lecturer and the principal or whose activities are detrimental to the interest of the college will be liable to expulsion from the College.

» Any Student who wishes to discontinue his / her studies form the College shall submit to the principal a formal application counter signed by her/his parents or guardian and deposit it with the college office along with “No Dues” Certificate. Otherwise he / she shall be liable to pay fine in addition to the dues. Fee once paid not be refunded.

» Any defacement of the College building like wall painting & poster pasting will be viewed seriously & may result in suspension and even expulsion from College.